Room Dividers

Partition walls are usually fairly straightforward to construct and many DIYers choose to take this job on themselves. In addition to being relatively quick and cost-effective, this type of wall is also useful if you want to easily incorporate wiring, soundproofing materials and insulation. In addition, partition walls can be designed to include handy built-in shelves to provide some neat storage options .
Temporary Wall
and Ceiling Drops

Do you need an extra room for a roommate? Perhaps you have an addition to your family on the way?
Let us be the complete, affordable solution to these and other space utilization issues by adding a temporary wall to your abode.
A temporary wall is not permanently attached to the floor or ceiling, and upon removal leaves no evidence that a wall was ever there. Their construction is identical to that of a permanent wall.
Home and

We offer comprehensive divide your office spaces that cover every nook and cranny of your facility. Our team will work with you to create a customized plan that meets the unique needs of your hospital or healthcare facility.
Why Choose us
Our temporary walls are designed to be easily removed,
Non-damaging, temporary walls means that landlords remain happy. After the temporary wall is removed (by us) there will be no sign that a wall or room partition was fastened anywhere.
We handle everything, and typically install your new temporary wall in several hours.
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When it comes to your walls ///we are here to serve you...
Make sure you call someone you can trust.
Affordable and Fast installations
Our temporary walls usually take several hours to install and are designed to be easily removed without any permanent damage to your floor, walls or ceiling.
Experience / Honest / Responsible
We are one of the most trusted company in New York. We complete background checks on all of our employees and guarantee that they are bonded and insured.
You are in control! You get to choose what needs to be done. Your checklist is basically our work order.

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